Ventilated roofs

March 22nd, 2009

Are increasingly popular the roofs made with technical ventilated.

They are a great way to keep cool and to dry your home without other running costs.

In summer, the mantle heats of coverage reaches over 80 celsius, this temperature is normally transmitted to the underlying insulating layer that attempts to combat it.

The technique od ventilated roofs is made of a two inch vacuum inside the roof structure.

In this way the hot air will come out up and will be replaced by fresh air and yuo obtained a significant cooling effect and also moisture whether of the roof will be drained.

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Deferred Payments

March 21st, 2009

To meet the needs of our customer we offer deferred payments tailor made for you.

Our estimates are accurate and often we can predict the final cost, at this figure we can achieve together a payment schedule that you are able to deal.

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About our job

March 21st, 2009

We prefer to work for a client at a time. In this way we can be very rapid.

By focusing all our attention on a single job at a time are born to meet the time deadlines set.

We are a small company that decided to invest in quality equipment and not clerical personnel in the organization of work.

Our organization is given the experience in 40 years in business, our entire staff is engaged in execution of works and works directly on site.

In this way there are no additional costs recharged on your work and we can make more investment in equipment quality.

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Free Estimates

March 18th, 2009

We are happy to do free estimates for you. We perform inspections with you whether you’re, in a city or in the open countryside. Many companies claim to be paid to develop an estimate, it is not our case. We are very happy to do quotes too small or large jobs.

The estimate will not undertake to carry out the work but you ca use it to compare our prices with those of the competitors. The comparison have to be made not only on prices but also on the materials and the professionalism of work proposed.

Do not trust a hasty estimate in which it was not considered all the actual work to be performed, it would not be for you a good deal.

Through our experience over 40 years in construction, we can see those problems that other companies do not consider by their less experienced.

The issues addressed in advance make possible to better organize the work and thus save your money.

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