We build new villas and also restructured it.

villetta in campagna

villetta in campagna

We are equipped to work in the countryside and not just in cities.

We perform our work in all of Tuscany.

We specialize in restored old farmhouses and turn them into beautiful villas in the countryside.

You’ll be surprised to see how you can turn a ruin into a beautiful home.


esempio di muratura in bozze di pietra

esempio di muratura in bozze di pietra

The renovated homes often have the need to conform to the surrounding territory by marrying habits and customs.

We specialize in all types of masonry work and we know all the techniques of masonry.

Now are few the workers who remember how to build brick facades with a direct view of it.

Placing the stones on the basis of departure it is necessary to calculate the position which the stones will occupy in the upper floors so that the windows will well positioned.

Do not get in inexperienced hands otherwise your costs increased early due to the mismanagement in the work.