We create Homes of new construction but more frequently we are restructure your home.

Statistically requests for changes and restructuring are much more frequent and therefore we have a vast experience on this kind of job.

Restructure an old building is much more complicated than building a new one, but do not worry with our experience you are in good hands.

Construct a new building, like a house for example, requires expensive equipment, even in this case we are well equipped and using our park macchien and specialized companies that usually cooperate with us we can meet your needs.

Casa di nuova costruzione

Casa di nuova costruzione

This thet you can see next to the left is a new building that we built in an industrial zone.

The construction is entirely in armed cementĀ  and were we used for perimetral wall thickness increased to ensure proper thermal isolation. The material used was chosen for the high thermal capacity required.

In this manner, keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer it is easier and less expensive.

Casa di nuova costruzione facciata

Casa di nuova costruzione facciata

The house on the left side of which we can see front facade heĀ  is fitted with rolling shutters high thermal profile.

Conditioners are fitted in order not to be visible. Try to discern.

We prefer the best brands and conditioners if possible, we use: